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World-Class Maintenance Training Courses Online

Maintenance HQ provides the world’s top online training courses in maintenance management. The Maintenance Manager training programs feature guided instruction from industry experts, and provide you with the essential maintenance management fundamentals, such as how to develop maintenance strategies, improve employee relations, set up recruitment programs, lead maintenance teams, and approach maintenance from a technical standpoint. Each training course develops practical human resource skills in students.

One Week Maintenance Manager

Learn the fundamentals of being a maintenance manager in the field, how to ace maintenance job interviews, and how to advance your career as an HRM. The course features 70+ lectures and 6+ hours of content on maintenance practices such as active recruitment and maintenance planning. You’ll discover how to manage human resources for the modern workforce.

People Analytics

Learn the foundations of technical maintenance planning and management, as well as leveraging ‘people data’ to make better hiring, retention, performance management, and employee experience decisions. This online course will help you make data-driven maintenance decisions for your workforce.

This is the best maintenance training course for anyone new to human resources and looking for career advancement in HRM!

Brian K.One Week Maintenance Manager student who now works as an Maintenance Department Head at Deloitte.

Practical Tools and Resources

Looking for the best maintenance training online? Maintenance Manager HQ online training programs and maintenance management certification courses provide just that. Whether you’ve taken courses before at Udemy, SHRM, or EDX, you’ll still get new professional development tools to advance your maintenance career. Plus, you’ll get discounts on various maintenance compliance and talent management tools.

Engaged Maintenance Community

Signing up for the maintenance training online program also gives you access to the world's first and largest Slack community of maintenance managers, where you can meet, discuss ideas with, and learn from 1,000's of professionals in human resources. The community includes some of the world's top maintenance and human capital management experts.

About Our Instructors

Jacob Miligan  is the founder of maintenance University. Jacob has previously worked as a maintenance instructor at the Society for Maintenance Management. He also has experience working in recruitment and advancing talent through various training and development programs, as well as building lasting company-employee relationships. An HRCI-certified professional, Jacob dedicated his time to creating the premier maintenance certification institute and offering the best online programs for potential maintenance talent.
Pavan Mishra is a partner at Maintenance Manager HQ. He is a maintenance manager and SHRM-SCP with 5+ years of experience in observing employment law and 10+ years of labor relations and organizational behavior management experience. He has previously led field maintenance teams in setting up data-driven employee experience development models to improve workplace quality and improve workers' compensation standards. He has also developed several strategies to eliminate workplace harassment in SMEs.

F .A .Q.

Maintenance Manager HQ is an online human resources training and certification institute that provides accreditation in the area of Maintenance Management. Maintenance Manager HQ also features a community of some of the world’s top maintenance professionals and industry experts.

Maintenance training courses are programs that students can undergo to receive accredited maintenance certifications. These courses are separate from bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and are regarded as either additional learning or vocational training in the area of human resources. Unlike graduate/higher education certificates from colleges or online degree programs, you can get certified in maintenance management through Maintenance Manager HQ without taking a certification exam. All you have to do is complete the online learning course.

According to Payscale.com, the average yearly salary of a Maintenance Manager in the US is $67,306. Individual numbers can be higher or lower, depending on a number of factors such as the candidate's previous field experience, qualifications, employer standards, and whether they have completed any certification programs.

One Week Maintenance Manager is a fundamental maintenance resources training course that provides a maintenance certificate at the conclusion of the course. The program coursework consists of lectures, interviews, written content, and other subject matter that aims to build a solid human resources foundation in a candidate and fulfill all maintenance training needs. Certified maintenance managers can take the knowledge they gain from the course and become more effective and successful maintenance professionals.

The Maintenance Manager HQ Course is ideal for anyone looking to gain some fundamental knowledge of maintenance management in a practical setting. The course will benefit everyone, from new professionals to HR to seasoned SPHRs looking for some new training and development, as well as unique insights into modern maintenance.

The Maintenance Manager HQ certificate program does not have any prerequisites ins regard to academic qualifications. However, at least a bachelor's degree in business administration is recommended.

There are two ways you can confirm your certification status. The first is through the e-certificate and digital badge that you will receive upon completion of the course, and the second is through the certification portal. Each online certificate comes with a verification link that redirects to Maintenance Manager HQ, where managers and/or potential employers can verify your certification status.