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Mission Our mission is to help people break into maintenance management and excel on the job.

Our story

Maintenance Manager HQ is building the world’s most trusted resource for maintenance management.

Maintenance Manager HQ runs one of the world’s largest communities for maintenance professionals with thousands of global members from 500+ companies around the world.

Maintenance Manager HQ also hosts the popular course taken by over a thousand students around the world: One Week Maintenance Manager, which teaches the core fundamentals of maintenance, how to launch your own side project to better prep you for interviews and the role, and how to land a maintenance job.

Our team

Miguel Ramos

Co-founder and CEO

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Miguel started his career as a technician in a fabrication shop that built production equipment. As time went on, he became more involved with the entire production process--designing the product, building the production equipment, training operators on using the production lines, and maintaining the production equipment. Miguel has also always been passionate about helping his team members advance their careers and he has mentored many younger colleagues. Miguel is very excited to be part of the Maintenance Manager HQ team where he can combine two of his top interests and help many people reach their career goals.