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What is the Facilities Maintenance Manager Job Description? Roles and Responsibilities

What is the Facilities Maintenance Manager Job Description? Roles and Responsibilities

Finding the right fit for jobs is an extremely tough task, especially when it’s for a job like a Facilities Maintenance Manager. While different organizations may have different job titles for it, such as a facilities manager or facility manager, the duties and responsibilities of a facility maintenance manager remain the same. To find the ideal candidate, it’s best to get an idea of the right facilities maintenance manager job description.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical facilities maintenance manager job description, what they do, and what qualifications they tend to have. If you're interested in learning via video, then go here. Otherwise, skip ahead.


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What Does a Facilities Maintenance Manager Do? Typical Roles in Organizations

Facilities maintenance managers are responsible for daily repairs, upkeep, and general maintenance of the various facilities under their domain. Their primary role is to ensure all maintenance operations are completed while taking care of things such as building maintenance, planning maintenance, and work orders.

Facility maintenance is about ensuring each facility in an organization is under the right working conditions, ensuring operational effectiveness. As a result, facility maintenance managers may have to do physically taxing activities at times. However, that mostly depends on the overall size and type of organization.

For example, bigger organizations would have a larger maintenance department with several maintenance workers. In that case, a facilities maintenance manager would only have to dictate tasks for effective maintenance management. On the other hand, in smaller organizations where the maintenance program is smaller, facilities management may call for direct intervention.

Facilities maintenance management is about effective project management, preventative maintenance, and effective maintenance procedures. Since it’s a management position, facility maintenance managers also get involved in business administration, budgeting, and have to maintain maintenance logs. They also have to review and optimize various maintenance processes to ensure efficiency.

Lastly, facility maintenance managers need to delegate maintenance activities while ensuring all safety policies are taken into account.

Facilities Maintenance Manager Job Description Template

All job postings and job alerts need to have various sections to make it an attractive job description. The start should always have a job summary – it summarizes the major duties and responsibilities while introducing how the organization works and what it expects. Any person looking to apply for the facilities maintenance manager position in your company should understand precisely what is expected of them.

A typical job brief for an organization that has various facilities would look like this.

“We are searching for a full-time, qualified, and reliable Facilities Maintenance Manager with at least 5 to seven years’ experience in facility maintenance. You will be responsible for the timely management and maintenance of all the company facilities, including all the facilities machines.

The chosen candidate will be multitasking on several fronts to ensure operational effectiveness and departmental efficiency. You will be providing constant oversight and managing the upkeep of various electrical systems, such as the HVAC system.

Furthermore, you will have to operate our CMMS software, while working closely with various project managers to ensure everything is on track.

You may apply if you’ve had adequate experience in facility management, have excellent interpersonal skills, and have a knack for problem-solving. Previous management experience is not necessary but will be noted.”

You should also add company-specific requirements or expectations in the job summary to provide a better overview of what your organization would expect from the facilities maintenance manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

The next section lists down all the duties and responsibilities a facilities maintenance manager would have in your organization. At this point, you should list down every single aspect of the job, including tasks that may or may not be needed to make sure you paint the full picture.

The typical duties and responsibilities of facilities maintenance managers include the following.

  • Plan and execute building maintenance and operational programs for all facilities in the company
  • Manage and handle all vendor contracts, including vendors for various maintenance items, activities, and tasks
  • Coordinate and enact site safety programs, while making sure safety policies are maintained
  • Ensure the efficiency and operational capacity of all building systems
  • Prepare operation reports, maintenance budgets, and provide analysis of all reports to higher-ups
  • Make sure that all maintenance processes and procedures are safe, and that all compliance programs are being met
  • Handle all the facilities planning, space allocations, and cost estimations for equipment and facilities
  • Coordinate with other department heads, including the maintenance supervisor and facility maintenance technician, to make sure all maintenance processes are on track
  • Develop relationships with building contractors and third party workers to ensure smooth operations
  • Manage, handle, and supervise all facilities personnel
  • Develop various facilities maintenance schedules while managing and resolving all maintenance issues
  • Create a healthy and safe work environment for all maintenance workers
  • Coordinate with building and facilities security to ensure all maintenance services are provided
  • Prepare and file all relevant reports with the government and regulatory authorities

While the duties mentioned above cover what a standard facilities maintenance manager job description would have, you should add company-specific duties according to your organizational needs.

Typical Qualifications

After listing the duties and responsibilities, you should also include qualifications. Qualifications may differ depending on your organization and your industry since different industries have different facility requirements. For example, a frozen food company would want a facilities manager who is qualified to manage large freezers.

In any case, the typical requirements for a facilities maintenance manager may include the following.

  • A high school diploma, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business management, facilities management, or any related field
  • Certification in facilities management is a plus
  • At least five years of experience in facility maintenance
  • Previous managerial experience is recommended, especially in facilities management
  • A working understanding of CMMS software, electrical systems, HVAC systems, carpentry, and various mechanical and architectural systems
  • Physical fitness is a must
  • Previous experience in the organization’s industry is a plus
  • Knowledge of purchasing, supplies, grounds keeping, and equipment repair is essential
  • A basic understanding of elevators, fire alarms, plumbing, and other facility-related systems is also crucial

There may be various company or industry-specific qualifications that may have to be added. Keep in mind that your facilities maintenance manager can be single-handedly responsible for continuous operational efficiency.

Typical Skills and Abilities

After listing down all the qualifications, you should list down the skills and abilities a facilities maintenance manager should have to do their job correctly. These skills can also be company or industry-specific.

The following are the typical skills needed to become a good facilities maintenance manager.

  • Excellent communication and management skills are needed to make sure you can handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Developing good relationships with various parties is crucial to facility management; you should be able to build and maintain these relationships long-term
  • A certain proficiency level in computer skills should be there, including managing databases, word processing, spreadsheets, and using maintenance software
  • Superior time management skills are required to make sure all maintenance processes are managed on time
  • You should have excellent leadership skills, great attention to detail, and be goal-oriented
  • Exceptional analytical skills are needed to process different information and make informed decisions on things, such as equipment needs and budget concerns, among other things
  • Interpreting and applying various laws, regulations, and rules should come easy
  • Ability to manage and supervise complex, multi-discipline projects at multiple locations simultaneously is needed
  • Knowledge of various reliability measures and techniques is recommended
  • Problem-solving skills are crucial, along with excellent decision-making skills
  • Ability to face the physical strain of walking around various facilities all day, while maintaining and managing all maintenance activities is required

You should try to find a facilities maintenance manager that ticks the most boxes above.

Becoming a Great Facilities Maintenance Manager

Creating an excellent facilities maintenance manager job description is the right way to make sure you receive good candidates. It’s also a great way to make sure potential candidates understand what it takes to be an excellent facilities maintenance manager.

It’s hard to find someone who will have all the skills, qualifications, and abilities to do the job. Your focus should be on finding someone that works the best for your company and industry. Their facility maintenance resume should reflect exactly what you're looking for.

Your primary choice should be someone who understands facility management and what it takes to do the job in your industry. You can develop a complete onboarding experience to make sure they understand every aspect of the job. If you’re having trouble, you should get professional help in crafting the right facilities maintenance manager job description, or sign up with easy-to-use CMMS software.

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