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Best CMMS Software Solutions 2021: Reviews and Pricing

Best CMMS Software Solutions 2021: Reviews and Pricing

When it comes to efficient maintenance operations and work order management, CMMS systems are the optimal solution. The top CMMS software systems have simplified maintenance activities to a point where companies can run large maintenance teams and enterprise asset management seamlessly.

2021 has seen a huge of companies move their facilities management and upkeep framework onto SaaS-based CMMS platforms.

That said, not all CMMS solutions offer the same functionality for the maintenance needs of most companies.

In this article, I'll list the top 6 CMMS software solutions for 2021, along with their pricing plans and expert reviews.

Let's get started.

Why Choose Limble CMMS as Your CMMS Software Solution

The ideal computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) should help companies streamline maintenance work and function as one-stop asset management solutions. That is just one of the many CMMS benefits of using such software for maintenance management.

They should work to prevent extended equipment downtime while indirectly improving overall asset performance over the entire lifecycle of the asset.

Most importantly though, maintenance management solutions should facilitate all types of maintenance tasks, whether they fall under preventive maintenance, basic work order management, or even high-level predictive maintenance.

Out of all the computerized maintenance management software systems in the market, Limble CMMS is the only one that checks all of those boxes and more.

Limble CMMS helps companies not only build a comprehensive maintenance program, but effectively allocate responsibilities to maintenance professionals, build maintenance schedules, enable better asset tracking, and even maintain regulatory compliance.

Maintenance managers and team members can access the system on mobile devices from anywhere in the world via the mobile app available on both Android and iPhone.

6 Top CMMS Software Solutions in 2021

Depending on the EAM software needs at your company, there are several equipment maintenance systems you can use to streamline your maintenance workflows.

Here are the top 6 CMMS systems for your maintenance department.

1)      Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is a complete maintenance management solution for both small businesses with a limited of assets, and corporations with larger facilities.

The software features a user-friendly ecosystem consisting of management features that make maintenance stress-free. Additionally, the CMMS supports extensive automation throughout a company's operational network, with the option to automate most, if not all maintenance alerts and processing.

Limble is used by some of the biggest consumer goods producers and corporations around the world, including Holiday Inn, Nike, McDonald's, and DHL.

It also has features that are uniquely geared towards providing startups with an effective maintenance foundation to build up from.

Primary Features

Here are the primary features and capabilities of Limble CMMS:

  • Asset Management: Limble CMMS offers asset tracking for companies of all sizes, with up to 10,000 assets of multiple types, and in various locations.
  • Vendor Management: Streamline the vendor-department relationship with ease through capabilities such as work history-invoice, schedule, and purchasing automation.
  • Inventory Management: Reduce the cost of managing and purchasing spare parts and other inventory items while keeping track of inventory in real-time.
  • Work Order Simplification: Track work orders and respond to client queries, departmental issues, and emergency tickets/work requests with ease.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Create an early diagnosis and asset health maintenance framework based on maintenance history, to prevent instances of reactive maintenance.

Additionally, Limble CMMS features a modular predictive maintenance framework with smart data sensors that allow companies to monitor asset health and performance in real-time, and create/modify strategies to match results.


Limble CMMS offers a 30-day free trial for all their pricing plans, along with very affordable plans overall.

Currently, their pricing is as follows:

  • Starter: $40/month, per user (billed annually)
  • Professional: $70/month, per user (billed annually)
  • Business+: $105/month, per user (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $185/month, per user (billed annually)

Visit Limble CMMS.

2)      Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is an app-based maintenance management software that prioritizes mobile asset management and equipment maintenance.

The software is built to be an all-in-one tool for companies and organizations of any size, operating in any industry, and with all kinds of maintenance management needs. Plus, due to the mobile architecture, the system can provide almost unlimited access to all permitted users.

The CMMS solution by Hippo is used by a lot of organizations around the world, from a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

Primary Features

Here are the primary features and capabilities of Hippo CMMS:

  • Facility Management: Manage building and workspace maintenance with features that benefit both on-demand and preventive maintenance programs.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Enable maintenance technicians and supervisors to collect full maintenance records including images, charts, and sensor data.
  • Spare Parts and Inventory Management: Keep track of machine spare parts, personal protective equipment, tools, and other inventory items to maintain sufficient stocks.
  • Enterprise Asset Management: Gauge asset performance and reveal metrics that help increase uptime while also helping reduce the frequency of preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Interactive Facility Floor Plans: View various facility details via interactive and accurate floor plans.

Additionally, Hippo CMMS helps managers ensure fast follow-through on any and all incoming work orders or management queries.


Hippo offers affordable plans geared towards SMEs and developing companies.

Currently, their pricing is as follows:

  • Starter:  $39/month, per user (minimum of 2 users)
  • Plus: $69/month, per user (minimum of 2 users)
  • Pro: $99/month, per user (minimum of 3 users)

Visit Hippo CMMS.

3)      Fiix

Fiix is a comprehensive maintenance management platform that’s designed to provide a next-gen CMMS solution to modern companies and maintenance departments.

With a focus on optimizing the maintenance process and automate as many redundant steps as possible, the software offers a cloud-based program scaling solution for growing enterprises.

The CMMS system currently helps thousands of teams manage millions of work orders, maintenance operations, and assets around the world.

Primary Features

Here are the primary features and capabilities of Hippo CMMS:

  • On-Ground Asset Management: Help assigned team members to track all assets currently in play while controlling and optimizing their performance without the hassle.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Collect asset and work order data and share it seamlessly to any system, at any time.
  • Fiix Foresight AI: Sift through your maintenance and asset performance data to observe KPIs, discover trends, develop better maintenance schedules, and act on looming issues faster.
  • Maintenance Reporting: Collect vital asset data from each maintenance procedure and generate insightful reports to help guide future repair efforts.
  • Work Order Management: Simplify the work and purchase order submission, review, and assignment process with an easy ticketing and recording system.

Furthermore, Fiix seeks to reduce overall maintenance costs for companies by collecting and storing data on the cloud.


Fiix offers ready-made and customized plans at affordable rates.

Currently, their pricing is as follows:

  • Free:  Limited to 3 users with no credit card required
  • Basic:  $40/month, per user (1 month free, billed annually)
  • Professional: $60/month, per user (1 month free, billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, as per needs

Visit Fiix CMMS.

4)      eMaint CMMS by Fluke

eMaint is a well-known maintenance management software that focuses on technically oriented operations, in companies that own large numbers of assets.

The CMMS solution offers a robust framework for managing spare parts inventory, schedules for preventive maintenance work, as well as company-wide work orders. Plus, the software has engineering operation roots that make it a viable option for production and logistics firms.

In terms of multi-site equipment asset management, eMaint presents one of the best software solutions in the market.

Primary Features

Here are the primary features and capabilities of eMaint CMMS:

  • Work Management: Generate, review, respond, and submit work orders seamlessly with either account login, ticket (order form), or email.
  • Assignment Scheduling: Schedule maintenance work and remotely assign specific tasks to engineers and other work staff for greater managerial control.
  • Predictive Maintenance Planning: Create parameters for machinery operations, receive performance readings, and analyze previous maintenance instances.
  • Multi-Site Maintenance: Create standards for maintenance across sites and facilities and enable reporting on the enterprise level.
  • Mobile (Remote) Maintenance: Allow all involved personnel to access the system or database from anywhere with a mobile device.

In addition to these, eMaint has a software ecosystem that lends itself very well to more technical applications such as fleet management and machinery oversight.


eMaint features pricing plans that come with online training and constant helpdesk support.

Currently, their pricing is as follows:

  • Team:  $33/month, per user (limited to 3 users)
  • Professional: $85/month, per user (3 or more users)
  • Enterprise: $120/month, per user (5 or more users)

Visit eMaint CMMS.

5)      MicroMain

The MicroMain CMMS is one of the more user-centric maintenance management systems, focusing on ease of use and simplicity while still delivering all the requisite capability.

Their enterprise asset management system is geared towards maximizing productivity and minimizing overall downtime. Plus, the increased productivity also comes with lower maintenance costs in the long run.

The system is also used by some of the most well-known American brands such as Harley Davidson, John Deere, and Walmart. The MicroMain CMMS system is even used by some branches of the US Army for logistics and equipment maintenance management.

Primary Features

Here are the primary features and capabilities of MicroMain CMMS:

  • Workforce Management and Tracking: Know what your team members are doing and track their performance over time.
  • Work Order Management: Assign tools, workers, resources, tasks without running into issues such as overlapping schedules.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Find which repair and maintenance practices bring optimal asset performance and create a preventive maintenance program from that data.
  • Document Storage: Store all documents, reports, user data, and asset information in one centralized location for easy access.
  • Compliance Management: Maintain compliance across your maintenance workings by setting tasks according to applicable codes.

Additionally, a senior maintenance manager can track assets and observe long-term maintenance effects by watching analytics and key performance indicators over specific periods of time.


MicroMain currently offers a single pricing plan at $39/month, per user. They do have a free trial with no credit card required.

Visit MicroMain.

6)      Upkeep

Upkeep is another very well-known CMMS solution that centralizes not just the various forms of data, but most in-system operations, in one location.

This dedication to a centralized ecosystem allows companies to become more efficient and streamlined with their overall maintenance efforts. Bringing all the data in one place also means no more guesswork, as managers can pull any report and track any asset in real-time.

The Upkeep CMMS software is used by both massive global brands including Yamaha, Siemens, Ecolab, and Marriott, and smaller enterprises/SMEs.

Primary Features

Here are the primary features and capabilities of MicroMain CMMS:

  • Facility Management: Respond easily and quickly to any instance of emergency maintenance or repair.
  • Inventory Management: Maintain an accurate inventory of all the spare parts and tools coming in, being applied, and/or being replaced.
  • Property Management: Assign ownership of maintenance tasks to the eligible team member and provide effective task management tools.
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling: Fully automate maintenance schedules according to repair data gathered through regular maintenance.
  • Fleet Management: Ensure that your fleet runs without hiccups originating from system errors or lack of resource availability.

In addition to the above, Upkeep has dedicated features for various industries such as hospitality, culinary (), manufacturing, educational institutions, and healthcare.


  • Trial: Free, with no credit card required
  • Starter: $35/month, per user (billed annually or monthly)
  • Professional: $60/month, per user (billed annually or monthly)
  • Business Plus: $100/month, per user (billed annually or monthly)

Visit Upkeep.

Which CMMS Software To Choose?

In terms of core competencies, almost all the CMMS systems in this list are fully capable of supporting a company's maintenance management framework. They also double as a preventive maintenance software.

They all offer similar functionality and have similar core features too, with the only price being the only difference.

The software you choose to integrate into your depends on a ton of factors such as the size of workforce/maintenance teams, of assets, the scope of operations, etc.

That said, Limble CMMS emerges as the best choice for maintenance and enterprise asset management across the board. It offers excellent functionality regardless of the size of your team or assets, and it features pre-integrated tools that future-proof your maintenance activities as much as virtually possible.

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