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What is the Average Industrial Maintenance Salary?

What is the Average Industrial Maintenance Salary?

Industrial maintenance workers have to work with complex machinery, facilities, and systems to ensure they work properly. The job requires a lot of preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, industrial machinery mechanics, and more. That’s why the average industrial maintenance salary tends to be higher than general maintenance worker salaries.

Industrial maintenance can have industrial maintenance technicians, industrial maintenance mechanics, industrial maintenance managers, field service technicians, electricians, and more. In any case, your job title depends on your overall expertise, knowledge, and years of experience in the industry.

In this article, we’ll go over the industrial maintenance salary for different positions from various sources.

Let’s dive right in.

What is the Average Industrial Maintenance Salary in the United States?

Industrial maintenance jobs are usually full-time positions, according to most job openings in the job market. You’ll find plenty of industrial maintenance technician jobs, industrial maintenance mechanic jobs, and various other positions. In any case, the industrial maintenance salary mostly depends on the industry. For example, industrial maintenance technician salary averages are higher in a manufacturing facility rather than a packaging facility.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes various industrial maintenance workers, industrial machinery mechanics, and millwrights in one category. According to BLS, the national average industrial maintenance salary in the United States is $52,860 per year. There are currently over 70,100 jobs with the job description of an industrial maintenance worker, and the highest industrial maintenance salary can be found in the automotive industry.


If you’re working with complex machinery and systems, you’re bound to earn more due to an increasing need for knowledge and expertise.

In any case, it’s best to look at a few other sources to understand how much of an industrial maintenance salary each type of job gets you, according to anonymous individual salary reports.

1.      Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best websites to get salary estimates, employer reviews, and job descriptions for various job titles. Employees can upload their salary information, employer reviews, cost of living estimates, benefits information, and total compensation numbers.

The following are the average salary numbers for the most common industrial maintenance jobs.

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician – has an average salary of $39,995 and a salary range between $25,000 and $53,000.
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic – earns around $39,470 per year with a salary range between $27,000 and $57,000.
  • Industrial Maintenance Manager – makes around $59,149 per year with a salary range between $39,000 and $85,000.

Furthermore, Glassdoor lets you make more precise searches by including additional filters. You can include the following filters to further pinpoint your search.

  • Choose the industry you’re working in or want to work in.
  • Estimate the size of the company according to the total number of employees.
  • Enter the total years of experience.

Including the filters above would give you a more accurate average salary figure according to your requirements. You can check out the reviews left by people to learn more about an industrial maintenance job in a specific industry. For example, you can check out how differently you’ll be paid if you work the 3rd shift instead of the 2nd shift at a company.

In any case, you can get an extremely accurate salary estimate for industrial maintenance jobs on Glassdoor.

2.      Indeed

Indeed is a massive job-search engine that’s used by millions of people across the US. It’s a great tool to search jobs, get average salary estimates, and learn more about different jobs.

The following are the average industrial maintenance salary estimates for various positions.

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician – can earn up to $42,649 on average, along with $6,750 in overtime pay.
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic – may earn up to $59,056 per year, along with approximately $8,687 in overtime.
  • Industrial Maintenance Manager – makes $78,145 per year, along with $7,750 with overtime pay.

The site also shows the most common employee benefits in industrial maintenance jobs. Some of the most common benefits include various health insurances, 401k matching, and paid time off in some cases.

You can also find what cities in the US pay the highest salaries to industrial maintenance workers. On average, Chicago, Charlotte, and New York are the highest-paying cities.

Lastly, Indeed also lets you set up job alerts based on specific salary amounts. As a result, you’ll only get updated on new job posts if the salary is above a certain number.

3.      PayScale

PayScale is a website that’s dedicated to providing salary data, compensation data, and other information on benefits packages. You can also find gender-based pay estimates, cost of living estimates, and more.

The following are the average salaries for different industrial maintenance positions.

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician – can get around $51,993 on average, along with $1,600 in bonuses and $2,400 in profit-sharing.
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic – can earn around $49,061 per year, along with $1,100 in bonuses, $1,2000 in commissions, and $1,549 in profit-sharing.
  • Industrial Maintenance Manager – can make up to $78,359 on average, along with $1,000 in bonuses and $4,500 in profit-sharing.

You can also check the hourly wage for each job type on PayScale, along with the pay range.

The site also offers a lot of information on the requirements, qualifications, and experience needed for each industrial maintenance job. For example, to become an industrial maintenance mechanic, you need a high school diploma and an entry-level understanding of mechanical systems.

Lastly, you can also check out what cities offer the highest compensation for different jobs.

Ending Note

The industrial maintenance salary is extremely variable because it depends on the industry and the industrial maintenance job description. If you’re working with complex systems, such as pneumatic systems, continually have to troubleshoot issues, or work with preventive maintenance programs, you are bound to earn more.

In such cases, the organization will also expect you to have some certifications to back your expertise. Alternatively, you can get additional certifications under your belt to negotiate for a better salary or apply for a better industrial maintenance job.

In any case, the complexity of industry and equipment affects the average industrial maintenance salary. Therefore, it’s best to opt for an industry that offers a higher average salary than others.

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