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What is the Average Maintenance Mechanic Salary?

What is the Average Maintenance Mechanic Salary?

Maintenance workers have some of the highest-paying entry-level jobs in the United States. The total compensation and benefits that come with the position are very attractive, especially for candidates with vocational certificates. That, plus the maintenance mechanic salary, makes for an excellent proposition to get a job in maintenance.

Looking to apply for the job and wondering how much a maintenance mechanic makes?

This article features a full breakdown of the average salary of a full-time maintenance mechanic, as well as the responsibilities that come with the maintenance mechanic job title.

Let's get into it.

What is a Maintenance Mechanic? [Job Overview]

A maintenance mechanic is someone who repairs machinery and keeps production and commercial facilities running smoothly.

Also called maintenance technicians (or company technicians), they work directly under maintenance supervisors and use a variety of mechanical equipment for troubleshooting, repair, and parts replacement.

Maintenance mechanics have several main responsibilities, including:

  • Responding to equipment malfunction queries put up by maintenance engineers
  • Diagnosing equipment running issues
  • Disassembling, repairing, and reinstalling malfunctioning parts
  • Collaborating with maintenance managers to create preventative maintenance plans
  • Regularly checking for system functionality throughout the facility
  • Performing facilities maintenance (replacing broken or faulty lights, fixtures, and heating/cooling systems)

Additionally, mechanics perform general maintenance on all assets as defined by the maintenance plans.

Depending on the individual responsibilities and seniority of the mechanic, they may also be responsible for creating in-field work logs, collecting logs from the maintenance team, and relaying asset reports to managers.

Average Maintenance Mechanic Salary in the United States

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, maintenance mechanics had an annual salary of $52,860 (USD), at an hourly rate of $25.41.

The BLS also puts the average base salary for dedicated machinery mechanics at $55,320, at an hourly rate of $26.60.

Over the years, the position has seen significant growth, both in terms of the national average pay and overall job popularity. According to the BLS salary data, the top 10% of maintenance mechanics made $79,660 or above, at an hourly rate of $38.30, annually.

That said, the total compensation depends on where the individual is employed. For example, Washington DC and San Francisco have the best salary range for mechanics. While both cities have a high cost of living, the salary justifies having that job description in those cities.

Additionally, salary estimates are based on the individual's years of experience, specific job niche (diesel mechanic, facility mechanic, etc.), and qualifications.

Here are some maintenance mechanic salary averages from top job sites:



According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an entry-level maintenance mechanic is $39,470 a year.

Glassdoor is the biggest review aggregator and job portal in the world, and features a variety of related jobs for each professional position.

The platform has displays extensive details about each job, including the salary range and percentile, protected job growth, and the general responsibilities that come with it. It also shows the salaries for related jobs in the same category.

Glassdoor puts the salary range for maintenance mechanics at a low of $27,000 and a high of $57,000. This is a general range, and the actual salary may be higher or lower, depending on the package offered by the host company.



According to Indeed, the average base pay for maintenance mechanics in the US is $50,346 yearly.

Indeed is also a major job and aggregator platform that features countless job varieties from around the world.

Interested candidates can search for their specific job by type and industry, as well as find various details for each job, including incentives and benefits.

The platform currently features maintenance mechanic jobs from some of the biggest companies in the US, including Lockheed Martin and UPS. Furthermore, it puts the average overtime compensation at $8,250 a year.

The job also carries the standard benefits common among mechanics, including a 401K, paid time-off, and medical insurance.



According to PayScale, the average hourly pay for a maintenance mechanic is $21.41.

The platform is one of the bigger job review aggregators and it focuses on hourly rates as the baseline for job details.

PayScale projects a salary range with a low of $14.82 (hourly) that’s earned by the bottom 10%, and a high of $29.96 that’s earned by the top 10%. The aforementioned median salary is earned by the remaining professionals.

Additionally, candidates can earn up to $1,100 in yearly bonuses, $1,200 in commissions, and $1,549 in profit-sharing.

However, these numbers may change depending on the employer and the individual’s own skillset.

Required Qualifications for Maintenance Mechanics

Since it's a skilled position, maintenance mechanics usually require a bachelor's degree in a relevant faculty (engineering, manufacture, etc.) or a diploma in a similar area.

Here are the general qualifications required to work as a maintenance mechanic:

  • Associate's degree in mechanical, engineering, and/or electrical specialties
  • Successful vocational or trade school completion
  • Advanced diploma in engineering sciences (with requisite apprenticeship)
  • 2-3 years of experience as an apprentice, then a junior mechanic
  • Extensive familiarity with the tools of the trade (including high-tech systems)
  • Basic understanding of preventive maintenance programs

Additionally, a maintenance mechanic in 2021 and beyond needs a thorough understanding of the maintenance mechanic job description before they apply for a job.

This is to enable them to learn about the various tools and techniques being used in the industry, as well as the advancements being made.

Ending Note

Regardless of where you apply for a maintenance mechanic job, there are certain steps you can take to ensure job success.

Learning as much as you can about the company's maintenance framework and job structure is one.

However, the most important step is to upskill yourself and diversify your repertoire to include as many mechanical maintenance skills as possible. Try to build up your maintenance mechanic resume to reflect those skills. Interested candidates can do this by taking as many online courses on the subjects as they find necessary for a better job outlook.

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