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What is the Maintenance Technician Job Description? Roles and Responsibilities

What is the Maintenance Technician Job Description? Roles and Responsibilities

Every organization requires regular maintenance to stay operational and efficient. That maintenance requires a strict maintenance procedure, a dedicated team, and experienced individuals. Therefore, it’s imperative to write proper job descriptions, especially when you’re hiring new talent. Crafting and uploading the right job post, such as the maintenance technician job description, helps you hire the ideal candidate for your company.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical maintenance technician job description, what maintenance technicians do, and what qualifications they tend to have.

What Do Maintenance Technicians Do – Typical Roles in Organizations

Maintenance technicians are responsible for conducting general maintenance tasks and repairs on facility assets, equipment, and machinery. They ensure crucial building maintenance technology is used to maintain heating and plumbing systems. They also manage and help with the installation of HVAC systems, safety systems, and assist in upkeep activities.

Their primary role is to help maintain facilities and the equipment in top condition for operational efficiency. Therefore, it’s essential for maintenance technicians to have knowledge of mechanical systems, electrical systems, and multiple heating and plumbing systems.

In some cases, maintenance technicians may work in the same capacity as general maintenance workers. However, in more established companies, the roles are different. Maintenance technicians in larger companies mostly maintain facilities, equipment, machinery, and critical systems.

Furthermore, the industry you’re in also matters since each type of industry requires different maintenance expertise. For example, in the manufacturing industry, maintenance technicians would have to work with heavy machinery and large facilities. In the food industry, maintenance technicians would have to work with kitchen equipment, freezers, and food stores.

In larger organizations, the roles are even more specialized; for example, you may find job postings for freezer maintenance technicians.

In any case, maintenance technicians tend to work under facility managers, maintenance managers, and project managers. They may work along with general maintenance workers, design maintenance procedures, and offer feedback on maintenance plans. They may also be involved in things like preventative maintenance (preventive maintenance).

Maintenance technicians may also be required to submit reports on maintenance costs so that maintenance managers can develop better maintenance budgets.

Maintenance Technician Job Description Template

The maintenance technician job description is not all that different from the general maintenance job description. However, there are some crucial differences, especially in larger organizations.

In any case, all job descriptions need to have a few essential sections that always start with the job summary. The job summary is a requirement of most job boards and helps job seekers get an idea of all the job duties. The job brief also helps the potential candidate understand the company’s work environment.

A typical maintenance technician job description (brief) for a company with machinery, equipment, and assets would look like this.

“We are searching for an experienced Maintenance Technician to take the responsibility of preserving facility machinery and equipment. You will have to use your maintenance experience to keep critical machinery running in top condition.

You will also perform various maintenance tasks, such as HVAC installations, painting, landscaping, carpentry, activities of pest control, and more.

Additionally, you may have to complete multiple work orders per day and complete various upkeep duties and conduct repairs.

Furthermore, you may have to conduct quality assessments, maintain inventory, schedule repairs, and develop preventative maintenance procedures.

The candidate must have ample knowledge of tools, maintenance procedures, common appliances, and hydraulic systems. You must be handy with power tools and hand tools, and understand the safety regulations of using them.

Some parts of the job may require you to troubleshoot critical systems, including the maintenance of electrical systems.

The physical demands of the job are high, and you should have the manual dexterity to survive.”

It’s best to include company-specific requirements or expectations in the job brief to provide an idea of the organization’s maintenance processes.

Maintenance Technician Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

The next section includes the maintenance technician duties and responsibilities that will come up daily. It would be best to list all the aspects of the job to be completely transparent of all expectations.

The average duties and responsibilities of skilled maintenance technicians include the following.

  • Survey facilities and buildings, and conduct repairs on mechanical and electrical systems to ensure they meet health and safety standards.
  • Maintain crucial electrical systems by completing basic tasks, such as changing light bulbs, sockets, circuit breaker panels, and more.
  • Maintain and repair heating and plumbing components.
  • Provide help with the setup of ventilation, refrigeration, and other systems, and conduct repairs if necessary.
  • Maintain and repair locking mechanisms, locks, doors, closets, and controllers.
  • Maintain building interior and exterior surfaces by painting and plastering walls.
  • Manage and complete documentation for fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, alarm contacts, and other building systems for safety practices and regulations.
  • Undertake activities of pest control if necessary.
  • Manage upkeep activities and procedures, including landscaping, carpentry, and painting, among other things.
  • Assist in routine maintenance activities.
  • Participate in ongoing operational, safety, and technical training programs.
  • Comply with policies regarding disposal of hazardous material and safe storage.
  • Assist other maintenance teams in maintenance activities.

You should include company and industry-specific duties and responsibilities to offer a better outlook on the job requirements.

Maintenance Technician Job Description – Typical Skills, Qualifications, and Abilities

After listing all the responsibilities and duties in the maintenance technician job description, you should include the skills and abilities required. Each maintenance technician job description would have different requirements depending on the industry and company.

In any case, the typical skills, qualifications, and abilities required to become a maintenance technician include the following.

  • A high school diploma or a general education degree (GED) is required, at the very least. You may be asked to present a skilled work certificate in some cases.
  • Some organizations may require a degree from a technical college.
  • Previous maintenance experience, especially as a maintenance technician for a certain amount of years.
  • Certifications in HVAC, building maintenance technology, or other building systems also help.
  • Proven knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems.
  • Understanding of general maintenance procedures and techniques.
  • Working knowledge of power tools, hand tools, common appliances, and devices is a plus.
  • Should be able to use computers for data entry.
  • Peak physical health is necessary, and the ability to work overtime, if required.
  • Attention to detail and manual dexterity are prerequisites.
  • Complete problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and excellent decision-making skills are required.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are needed.
  • Should have the ability to collaborate with other maintenance teams and professionals.
  • Great organizational skills, along with prioritization skills, are required.
  • Should have a driver’s license.

The qualifications may be subject to change depending on your industry and company.

Crafting the Ideal Maintenance Technician Job Description

Crafting the right maintenance technician job description is crucial to getting the right candidates. It helps you find great candidates and lets the candidates get a better idea of what it takes to do the job.

Not all prospective candidates will tick all the boxes for qualifications, skills, and abilities. However, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be an ideal maintenance technician for your company.

It’s always best to hire someone who has had experience in your industry and in an organization similar to yours. In any case, you should still put your new hire through a training regimen. They should be able to justify the maintenance technician salary.

If you’re having trouble, you can always get professional help in crafting the ideal maintenance technician job description for your company.

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