What is the General Maintenance Job Description? Roles and Responsibilities

What is the General Maintenance Job Description? Roles and Responsibilities

Maintenance is a critical part of every company, especially those with assets and equipment that require upkeep. You need to hire the right maintenance team to manage all the maintenance tasks and ensure smooth operations. For that, proper recruitment is crucial, and for that, you need proper job descriptions, such as the general maintenance job description.

In this article, we’ll go over the typical general maintenance job description, what general maintenance workers do, and what qualifications they tend to have.

What Do General Maintenance Workers Do – Typical Roles in Organizations

General maintenance workers can be responsible for several maintenance tasks, such as dusting, mopping, carpentry, repair work, woodwork, yard upkeep, and building maintenance, among other things.

Their primary role is to take an active part in all maintenance activities, and that requires working knowledge of all maintenance outlets and tasks. As a result, general maintenance workers may have to work on electrical systems, electrical wiring, control panels, air-conditioning, safety systems, renovations, and mechanical equipment.

Traditionally, general maintenance workers take care of all the redundant maintenance tasks and don’t bother with specializes maintenance. However, in some cases, they may be required to operate power tools and hand tools, collaborate with other repair workers, and do direct maintenance work.

The variations in roles usually come with different industries, but the size of an organization also plays a vital role in determining the general maintenance job description.

For example, general maintenance workers in larger organizations are divided among different facilities and departments. In smaller companies, they’re usually in charge of the entire facility and have to manage multiple maintenance tasks simultaneously.

In any case, general maintenance workers work under maintenance managers, facility managers, and project managers. They may need to be involved in maintenance plans, such as enacting preventive maintenance (preventative maintenance software) in the company.

While general maintenance workers have no say in determining maintenance budgets and procedures, they can offer feedback and suggestions to their superiors.

General Maintenance Job Description Template

The general maintenance job description and the maintenance worker job description template are technically the same thing.

In any case, all job descriptions have a few critical sections that always start with the job summary. The job summary is required by most job boards and helps job seekers get a gist of what is required from the organization. It paints a picture of the daily activities and the company’s work environment.

A typical general maintenance manager job description (brief) for a company with machinery, equipment, and assets would be like this.

“We are searching for skilled general maintenance workers to perform basic upkeep tasks, including repairs, cleaning, and basic maintenance. You will be required to apply basic fixes to multiple building systems and equipment to ensure that the facility is tidy and runs smoothly.

You need to have impeccable attention to detail to figure out maintenance opportunities that may be out of schedule. Additionally, you should have experience in general maintenance a have rudimentary technical knowledge, such as a working knowledge of HVAC systems.

It’s imperative that your physical stamina and health are in top condition, and you are expected to possess superior manual dexterity.

You may also need to troubleshoot systems to figure out the best maintenance procedure. Most importantly, you should be handy with power tools and hand tools, such as wrenches, hammers, and more.”

It’s best to include some company-specific requirements or expectations in the job summary to provide an idea of the organization’s work environment.

General Maintenance Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

The next section should include the maintenance worker job description and duties that will come up daily. You should list down every single aspect of the job and be completely transparent of all expectations.

The average duties and responsibilities of skilled maintenance workers include the following.

  • Perform standard cleaning activities, including dusting, mopping, oiling, and more.
  • Check the control panels and electrical wiring of machinery and equipment to identify any issues.
  • Performs minor fixture jobs, such as repairing broken locks, changing light bulbs, plastering broken walls, and more.
  • Garden and yard upkeep may be required; it can include activities like collecting trash and mowing the lawn.
  • Install appliances in offices and equipment in facilities.
  • Conduct basic maintenance tasks, such as replacing minor building parts.
  • Check, inspect, and troubleshoot building systems, such as the ventilation or HVAC system.
  • Check and confirm the functionality of safety systems, such as the sprinkler system and fire alarm.
  • Collaborate and assist other workers during renovations; provide job training to rookie general maintenance workers, if needed.
  • Rectify any mechanical issues and oversee contractor and professional repairs, if necessary.
  • Report to the maintenance manager or the facilities manager for issues.

You can include company-specific duties and responsibilities to offer a complete outlook on the job requirements.

General Maintenance Job Description – Typical Skills, Qualifications, and Abilities

After listing all the duties and responsibilities, you should include the skills and abilities needed to become a general maintenance worker. Every general maintenance job description has different skills and abilities listed because of varying industries and organizations.

You may have to include custom requirements; for example, if you’re in the food manufacturing industry, you have to include refrigeration management skills.

In any case, the typical skills, qualifications, and abilities required to become a general maintenance worker include the following.

  • A high school diploma or a general education degree (GED) is required, at the very least. In some organizations, you may require a skilled work certificate.
  • If the general maintenance involves machinery and equipment, you may require a degree from a technical college.
  • Proven maintenance experience in the relevant industry.
  • Ability to handle several power tools and hand tools.
  • A basic understanding of how machinery work is required, so it’s easy to replace any defective parts.
  • They should also be able to use common tools, such as drills, hammers, wrenches, hoists, and saws, among other tools.
  • Have the ability to check and read blueprints, parts catalogs, and repair manuals.
  • Experience in performing routine maintenance operations.
  • Should be able to make sure of precision measuring instruments, such as Vernier calipers or electronic testing devices.
  • Ability to multitask, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to focus on individual tasks are required.
  • Follow up and organizational skills, along with time management skills, are required.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with teams is expected.

The qualifications may be subject to change depending on your industry and organization.

Crafting the Ideal General Maintenance Job Description

Crafting the right general maintenance job description is crucial to getting great candidates for the job. It not only helps you get better candidates but also helps aspiring maintenance workers understand what it takes to do the job.

Not every general maintenance worker will tick all the boxes for the required qualifications, skills, and abilities. However, you shouldn’t compromise on experienced maintenance workers if they don’t fully qualify for the role.

The best hire would be someone who has experience with your industry and an organization similar to yours. You should have them go through a thorough onboarding and training procedure to ensure they understand organizational practices and norms.

If you’re having trouble, you can always get professional help in crafting the ideal general maintenance job description for your organization.

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