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Building Maintenance Resume Examples to Inspire You

Building Maintenance Resume Examples to Inspire You

Building maintenance is crucial when you have multiple facilities and sites. It’s more important if it’s an asset rather than a rental. In any case, it’s critical to make sure the buildings are in good shape, and building maintenance professionals can help with that. However, to prove yourself, you need an excellent building maintenance resume to set yourself apart.

Usually, recruiters receive tons of resumes for any single job post, especially when it comes to building maintenance jobs. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a professional resume that attracts the attention of the recruiter.

It’s not hard to develop a professional resume; you simply need the right inspiration.

In this article, we’ll go over some building maintenance resume examples, along with how you can develop your own resume to become a successful building maintenance professional.

Let’s get started.

Top Sources to Get Building Maintenance Resume Examples/Templates

Building maintenance is all about maintaining various buildings to ensure they’re in good shape, follow regulations, and are fit to work in. You’ll find building maintenance workers, building maintenance technicians, janitorial staff, plumbers, building maintenance managers, and more in the domain.

Hiring managers usually approach building maintenance professionals who have had a broader experience in building maintenance (unless it’s a job for a specific building maintenance task). In other words, it depends on their building maintenance job description.

However, you don’t need to necessarily have completely different resume styles for each building maintenance job type. Building maintenance worker resumes work for building maintenance managers and vice versa.

The following offer ready-to-use resume templates and resume builders for all your building maintenance resume needs.

Here are five platforms you should consider.

1.      LiveCareer

LiveCareer is a one-in-all career platform that offers various services, including a job board, resume samples, cover letter builder, and a resume builder.

Potential building maintenance job seekers can also find helpful resources to get ready for interviews with hiring managers, find new opportunities, and more.

For resume examples of building maintenance resumes, LiveCareer provides a few fully developed resumes and cover letter samples. You can filter your search to match the industry you’re working in.

The site provides you the opportunity to customize a resume if you like it. However, when you customize it, it will have the LiveCareer logo on it. You can either download the resume with the logo, or you can pay a small amount to remove the logo.

Other than that, the site also shows the average salary for a building maintenance worker, similar resumes, and an option to create your own resume using their resume builder.

Furthermore, the site also has live resume samples that current building maintenance workers have shared.

In the end, you’ll find plenty of resources, from professional resume services to salary calculators.

2.      JobHero

JobHero is a recruitment platform that offers a range of services and tools to help job seekers find the right job.

The site offers insight into each job, job type, industry, and more. You will find different job descriptions, resume samples, job overviews, work experience summaries, and more.

You’ll find several building maintenance resume samples that also work general maintenance workers. JobHero provides details on the building maintenance career, provides a resume format guide, and lets you edit each sample.

Furthermore, the site provides a customized resume builder so you can develop your perfect resume. You can copy and paste various sections from other resumes into your resume draft and adjust each section accordingly.

If you want to do a more precise search, you can include filters and years of experience to find more relevant resume samples. The filters can allow you to check out resume samples depending on the industry, total work experience, overall duties, certificate levels, and more.

In the end, you’ll find various resources, including resume formats, resume templates, cover letter formats, cover letter templates, and instructions on how you can write your resume and cover letter.

However, when you use JobHero’s resume builder, you’ll have to pay to remove their logo from the downloadable and printable version of the resume.

3.      MyPerfectResume

Third on the list is MyPerfectResume – a website dedicated to offering career development services by providing recruitment help, resume samples, cover letter samples, and a career center for members.

The site provides complete building maintenance resume examples, along with formatting information for different programs. You will also find building maintenance professional salaries, skills, job descriptions, and more.

You can also use MyPerfectResume’s resume builder to build a custom resume using any of the templates available. The site has an extensive FAQ section to help you while you develop your resume.

Since the site shows what skills a building maintenance professional should have, you can get an idea of what you can add under the skills and abilities section. For example, you can include troubleshooting, HVAC systems (air conditioning systems), preventive maintenance, landscaping, light fixtures, building systems upkeep, heavy equipment management, facilities management, forklift maintenance, electrical repairs, and more in the section accordingly.

In the end, you’ll find resumes for similar or related jobs, along with an option to contact one of the site’s resume experts to help you develop your perfect resume. However, that last part will require you to sign up and pay.

4.      Velvet Jobs

Velvet Jobs is primarily a job board and career development site, but it also offers assistance to job seekers and recruiters.

The site lets you choose whether you need resume samples for candidates or employers. In any case, the building maintenance resume samples come after a small guide to resume tailoring that offers tips and advice on how you can develop a great resume.

You then have a professional resume builder with plenty of resume templates; you can use pre-written bullet points, save the resume in PFF format, and more.

Then you can access various building maintenance resume samples and customize them accordingly.

You’ll also find complete resume guides, including content on formatting, fonts, resume sections, and more.

Velvet Jobs also lets employers enter details on building maintenance jobs so candidates can have a good idea of what skills they need.

5.      MintResume

Last on the list is MintResume – a site dedicated to helping people in different industries and careers develop a tailored resume.

The site starts off by providing a massive building maintenance resume sample with the option to create your own using the same template or others. You can fully customize your resume using their resume builder online.

The site also offers resume tips, including information on the duties and tasks of building maintenance workers, along with the required skills, qualifications, and abilities.

Velvet Jobs provides a complete guide on what information you should include, what the focus should be, and other helpful information.

Breaking Down the Building Maintenance Resume

You can choose from various resume designs, but the format should remain similar. Here’s a quick breakdown of the building maintenance resume, including what you can and should add in each section.

  1. Top-Section – includes your personal data like your full name and contact information, including your phone and email.
  2. Summary/Objective – has a brief profile overview where you can mention your expertise and experience. For example, mention prior maintenance work, preventative maintenance software experience, work orders, routine maintenance expertise, maintenance procedures you’re familiar with, and more.
  3. Education – includes your academic qualifications, including your high school diploma, GED, bachelor’s degree (if applicable), and certifications in things, such as control systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, hand tools, power tools, refrigeration, carpentry, and more.
  4. Professional Experience – lists all your prior work experience in chronological order. You should mention each detail about your maintenance tasks on a daily basis, including things like minor repair work, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and more.
  5. Skills – includes all your abilities, hard skills, and soft skills, including things like a strong work ethic, being adept, having problem-solving skills, being able to manage tasks in a timely manner, and more.
  6. Additional Certifications – Includes any other maintenance-related certification you have completed that may be relevant, such as janitorial certifications.

Try to ensure that there’s plenty of white space, use bold headings, an easy font, a font size of 10-12 points, and a front-facing picture at the top.

Set Yourself Up for Success

While you always have a chance of success with a typical resume, developing a custom resume is bound to increase your chances tenfold. Use building maintenance resume examples to develop a resume that gets you to the interview table.

At that point, make sure you showcase all the work experience, skills, and abilities you’ve mentioned in your newly developed building maintenance resume.

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