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Maintenance Supervisor Resume Examples to Inspire You

Maintenance Supervisor Resume Examples to Inspire You

Supervising the entire maintenance department, ensuring all unplanned and preventative maintenance tasks are performed on time, and reporting everything up the chain, isn’t exactly a walk in the park. And what’s even more difficult is condensing all of those skills and experiences into a maintenance supervisor resume.

Recruiters don’t have all day to go through hundreds of resumes. With little time to spare and so much on stake, even the smallest slip-up on your end can land your resume in the reject pile.

If you’re worried about the exact same thing, keep reading. In this article, I’ll share some top resources from where you can access several maintenance supervisor resume samples and craft the perfect one for yourself.

Let’s get started.

Top Sources to Get Maintenance Supervisor Resume Templates/Examples

The maintenance supervisor position, unlike that of managers/directors, entails dealing directly with the maintenance staff and ensuring that performance meets a certain standard.

In other words, there’s a lot of hands-on management involved.

To show recruiters that you have what it takes to supervise their maintenance programs, your resume needs to be tailored accordingly.

Luckily, there are many resume builders that offer ready-to-use templates that you can download and tweak (or simply draw inspiration from).

Here are 5 platforms you should definitely give a shot:

1.      LiveCareer

The very first website on the list is LiveCareer – a 360-degree career platform with a job board, cover letter builder, and of course, a resume builder.

In addition to the above, the platform also provides useful resources to help job seekers efficiently hunt for opportunities.

As of now, LiveCareer offers resume examples in over 60 different industries, some of which include nursing, human resources, engineering, construction, and of course, maintenance.

What’s more is that in addition to some generic maintenance supervisor resume examples, you can also find samples for a few specialized roles, including apartment supervisor and building supervisor.

Furthermore, the resume examples have been tailored according to some famous employers that usually hire for this role.

However, keep in mind that these aren’t templates, but examples.

To build a professional-looking resume from scratch, simply head over to their resume builder, select your level of experience, and choose a template you like.

At this point, you’ll get two options:

  • Manually provide all of your (relevant) professional information
  • Upload your resume and let the software extract as much information as possible (recommended)

However, to download/print/email your resume, you’ll have to opt for a paid plan.

2.      JobHero

Next on the list is JobHero which is a special recruitment platform that provides super-useful tools and expert advice to job seekers.

From job overviews to resume samples, the website offers everything a person needs to make their next big career move.

The website offers over 20 maintenance supervisor resume examples that you can use to get inspiration for yours.

Furthermore, you can conveniently copy entire sections from the examples, paste them in your draft, and adjust them according to your experience – without having to pay a dime.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin, and don’t want to waste time switching between tabs, this little feature can be really useful.

And remember, if you need help with the formatting or creating your resume from scratch, you can always use the JobHero’s resume builder. The interface is almost identical to LiveCareer and it only takes a few minutes to create a top-level resume.

3.      Indeed

Primarily used as an employment search engine, Indeed is also a powerful platform packed with competitive features and resources.

Like the aforementioned websites, Indeed also offers a few decent resume examples for maintenance management positions.

Granted, the platform doesn’t offer many options. However, what’s great is that you can copy and paste entire the entire contents of the resumes to an MS Word document without messing up the formatting.

This means you won’t have to spend time figuring out what the ideal font size should be – simply copy and paste the content and tweak it however you want.

Additionally, Indeed provides a list of the most in-demand skills and some common certifications/documents that every maintenance supervisor should possess to improve their chances of landing a dream job.

To top it off, the website also offers a completely free-to-use online resume builder with modern templates.

Once you’re done, you can upload it to your Indeed account, set alerts for relevant job openings, and start applying.

4.      VisualCV

VisualCV is a powerful resume/CV builder.

With this platform, you can easily create impressive resumes in a few easy steps. Additionally, you can download/print/email the resume you create (with VisualCV’s branding) for free.

It also offers some eye-catching examples of maintenance supervisor resumes. These will come in handy in case you don’t feel like using the resume builder of the platform.

However, unlike the previously-listed platforms, VisualCV doesn’t allow you to copy content from the examples since they’re only available as images.

All in all, it’s a decent platform from where you can get some great ideas for no cost.

However, keep in mind that if you create your resume with their CV builder, and want to get rid of the VisualCV logo, you’ll need to opt for their paid plan which unlocks more features and templates.

5.      Resume Help

Last on the list is Resume Help, another traditional online resume builder with hundreds of visually-pleasing, ready-to-use templates for resumes and cover letters.

Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive library of career guides.

You can choose from over 360 maintenance supervisor resume samples/templates (or use them as examples – it’s totally up to you).

Compared to other platforms, Resume Help has more options to choose from.

Breaking Down the Maintenance Supervisor Resume

While it’s up to you to decide the different design elements, the basic resume format for a maintenance supervisor is pretty much the same as any other profession.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • The Top-Most Section – this section is reserved for your full name and contact information. If you have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a relevant field, you can also abbreviate it next to your name.
  • Summary/Objective – the second section is where you’ll provide a brief description of your professional profile. Mention years of experience and the specific area(s) you specialize in (HVAC/air conditioning, preventive maintenance, safety training, etc.). Furthermore, mention the type of organization you hope to work for (such as a start-up).
  • Education – immediately after the summary, list down your academic qualifications. For the maintenance supervisor job, you need at least a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as mechanical engineering, business administration, etc. is a huge advantage.
  • Professional Experience – list your work experience in reverse chronological order (i.e., list down your most recent experience first). You don’t have to describe everything you did in your previous job. A small summary with bullet points should suffice.
  • Skills – list down all of your hard and soft skills that are essential to managing maintenance personnel. The most in-demand ones include problem-solving, time management, project management, and communication skills.
  • Additional Certifications – finally, list down any maintenance certifications you have that are relevant to your job (like building systems maintenance).

And make sure to leave enough white space, keep the font size at 10-12 points, make the headings bold and capitalized, and include a nice picture at the top.

That’s all you need to create the perfect resume.

How to Become a Maintenance Supervisor

If you’re currently a maintenance technician, who aspires to become a supervisor, you’ll first need to understand the maintenance supervisor job description.

At a glance, this is what the job entails:

  • Oversee maintenance procedures and ensure that all personnel follows the work schedules/maintenance schedules to get the job done in a timely manner.
  • Onboard new employees and execute training programs.
  • Ensure that all the maintenance procedures comply with OSHA and other safety standards.
  • Use their judgment to approve work orders and guide all maintenance tasks to completion.
  • Resolve the problems of the maintenance team.
  • Report the history of the maintenance work to the director (or a maintenance manager).

With all of that in mind, you can now create a clear roadmap for successfully becoming a maintenance supervisor.

Here is a step-by-step process:

  • Gather Relevant Experience – to excel in your career, volunteer to help out your supervisor with their day-to-day tasks.
  • Invest in the Right Skills – take seminars and special classes to develop the most in-demand soft skills.
  • Invest in Certifications – get certified in the areas (such as carpentry, building maintenance, etc.) you’re interested in. You can also get certified for specific computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS software).

Next, create a solid online presence for yourself, upload your resume, and share your credentials. That way, potential recruiters will notice you.

Set Yourself Up for Success

At the end of the day, having the best resume in the world will get you the interview. But your practical experience, ability to perform under pressure, and present creative solutions, will get you the job.

Prioritize your efforts accordingly and you’ll eventually succeed.

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