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Maintenance Manager Resume Examples to Inspire You

Maintenance Manager Resume Examples to Inspire You

Maintenance is just as important for companies as production since one can't continue without the other. Considering that, managing the maintenance department and leading field maintenance teams is easier said than done. All of that is part of the modern maintenance manager resume.

However, not every management prospect gets hired and it takes an impressive profile to prevent your resume from being rejected.

In case you're looking to apply for a management position, read on. In this article, I'll provide some of the top resources for maintenance manager resume samples so that you can develop a resume that's almost guaranteed to get you hired

Let’s dive right in.

Top Sources of Maintenance Manager Resume Templates

Maintenance managers are responsible for leading the allocated maintenance staff in various maintenance activities.

It's a hands-on task that requires a keen eye for maintenance issues, and the ability to instill continuous improvement in maintenance employees.

Therefore, it pays to create a resume that highlights your skill at managing team members, developing maintenance programs, streamlining equipment repair, and helping reduce equipment downtime.

Luckily, crafting a winning resume isn't a daunting task anymore, thanks to the variety of templates you can find on online resume builders.

Here are the top 5 resources you can use to craft a resume in 2020:

1)     Genius

Starting off the list is Resume Genius, a comprehensive resume developer that offers templates, resume formatting, and cover letter builders, among other features.

Additionally, the site offers maintenance manager resume examples made with modern, impactful templates that provide all relevant data in an appealing package.

The platform's resume builder uses a step-by-step information entry process that gathers data such as education, certification, work experience, additional skills, and references.

Resume Genius also features an extensive store of job description bullet points to describe their job duties. Candidates can choose from over 50,000 activities to accurately describe their work experience.

What's best is that job seekers are almost guaranteed to find references to their prior experience. This means that regardless of whether you worked as a preventive maintenance supervisor or facility maintenance manager, employers will be able to see a full list of your past professional activities.

Resume Genius offers almost all of their resume-building functionality for free, with a yearly subscription for additional resources and assistance.

Visit Resume Genius.

2)      Visual CV

Visual CV is an online resume-building tool and CV developer that offers a very diverse set of templates for all kinds of professional fields and ranks.

The platform lets you create effective professional profiles with strategically placed data, in a few simple steps.

An extremely popular tool with both prospects and recruiters (for sample resumes), Visual CV also offers a dedicated resume building option. This lets you choose from a variety of premium designs that are optimized for profiles.

Furthermore, a smart resume tracker lets you know how many times your resume has been viewed and/or downloaded.

Visual CV lets users use a ton of functionality for free. However, users have to purchase their paid plan for additional features such as the logo creator and the professional CV builder.

Visit Visual CV.

3)      PathSource Resume

PathSource is a resume building and career navigation app that's designed specifically for putting together resumes quickly and easily.

The app features a user-friendly interface that walks you through the entire resume creation process from to publishing.

Users can choose from 10 unique templates that highlight the candidate’s personal credentials in an effective manner. Each template has a versatile design that's primed for application in various industries.

PathSource is an official partner of CareerBuilder, a career guidance platform and job board that lets candidates bring their profiles to employers all over the world.

The user-friendly nature of the app makes it popular among fresh graduates and new professionals.

Visit PathSource Resume.

4)      JobHero

JobHero is a recruitment platform that provides professional advice and effective tools to hopefuls.

The platform offers expert guidance to candidates in both developing their resumes and adopting career best practices. It does this by offering actionable insights from a team of experienced hiring managers and resume experts.

JobHero has a resume database containing millions of curated examples, applicable in almost every industry.

The site provides resume-building options for both new graduates and established CEOs, with insights including the correct use of key phrases to generate optimal exposure for your resume.

You also get three distinct resume formats, namely hybrid, functional, and chronological.

The best thing about JobHero is the convenient information input system that lets you copy relevant resume sections from the various samples at your disposal. This saves a candidate's time and lets them make the pre-written information their own by tweaking the passages a little bit.

Visit JobHero.

5)      Resume Help

Resume help is a fundamental resume creation site that provides a fast and effective resume builder with tons of valuable tips and tricks.

The site features pre-written bullet points and information sets that you can choose from, to complete the work history section. Additionally, you can modify your resume on the go, as well as email it to prospective employers.

Resume Help's career guide library is another great feature for new maintenance managers.

Prospects can find a variety of career paths that they can follow, depending on the provided career projections.

Visit Resume Help.

Breaking Down the Maintenance Manager Resume

The specific design, structure, and formatting of the resume depend on the candidate's preference. However, the basic format is the same for most resumes.

's a breakdown of the fundamental maintenance manager resume:

  • Heading: The heading should contain your personal data (name, contact information, and more).
  • Career Objective: This is an optional section that highlights your goals and immediate career-related preferences.
  • Resume Summary: The summary section should contain your work profile. This includes total experience, specific maintenance areas you worked in (preventative maintenance, facility management, equipment life cycle monitoring, etc.).
  • Qualification: The qualification section should have a complete list of your educational credentials. This includes a high school diploma, bachelor's/master's degree, and/or vocational diplomas if any.
  • Professional Experience: This is where you should list down all the places you have worked, how long you have worked there, and what your responsibilities were while working. from the most recent work experience first and include older ones as you go down the list.
  • Professional/Technical Skills: List down all your relevant technical and soft skills relevant to the maintenance management position. Technical skills could include spare parts acquisition, as well as maintenance budget and project management. Soft skills could include communication skills, high-level problem solving, attention to detail, and effective maintenance personnel management.
  • Additional Qualifications: Lastly, provide details regarding any maintenance certifications or vocational diplomas, as well as any online certification credentials you have.

If you're using one of the resume builders listed above, you don't have to worry about formatting the document.

However, if you're creating the perfect resume from scratch, make sure to keep an appropriate font size (10-12 points), capitalize headings, and leave just enough white space to not make the page look too crowded.

Becoming an Ideal Maintenance Manager

If you're currently working as a maintenance technician or maintenance engineer and want to move up to a management position, you'll have to understand what the job entails.

's an overview of the maintenance manager job description:

  • ​Receive equipment malfunction alerts and immediately assign tasks to repair technicians.
  • Coordinate maintenance efforts throughout the or assigned department(s).
  • Oversee major maintenance procedures and maintain records for resources consumed.
  • Create and enforce routine maintenance schedules.
  • Respond to major and minor work orders and delegate tasks as needed.
  • Ensure that all maintenance activities are carried out as per OSHA standards and safety codes.
  • Resolve maintenance team problems and implement agile functionality.
  • Understand how to use a CMMS software and work order software system

Once you know the responsibilities of one, you can develop a career direction for yourself.

's an effective process you can follow:

  • Attain Diverse Certifications: Modern managers need more than just regular qualifications. Try to attend as many online management and technical courses as you can to diversify your skillset and excel in your career.
  • Gain Valuable Skills: Do your homework regarding which skills are considered valuable for maintenance managers in 2020 and attain as many of them as you can.
  • Get Certified: There are multiple certifications that are directly beneficial to managers, especially in a technical setting. Find out which certifications could help your career goals the most and invest in them.

Furthermore, maintain an active presence on professional platforms such as and various job boards.

Ending Note

A resume may be only as good as the candidate's actual abilities, but it still has a lot of weight with recruiters in 2020.

However, skill diversity is a much more important factor in a successful career.

In conclusion, gain the right qualifications, attain the right trade certifications, develop the right skills, and try to instill a people management spirit in yourself.

Work on upskilling yourself and job success will follow.

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